Canino DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle of 500 ml

16,50 VAT included

Pairings: Seafood appetizers, spelled salads, sea bream marinades, vegetables au gratin, passers-by
potatoes, pasta with tomato sauce, stewed prawns, lake fish in
stews, poultry or baked lamb meats, goat cheeses.



The nose opens elegantly, decisively and broadly, with rich hints of artichoke,
chicory and field thistle. In the mouth it is elegant and enveloping, with distinct
balsamic tones of officinal herbs, with mint and rosemary in evidence to which it is
they add spicy notes of black pepper that close in sweet almond.
Bitter and spicy well expressed and balanced. (Flos Olei - Marco Oreggia)

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 6×6×30 cm
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