The oil mill

The greatness of the Cerrosughero oil mill is in the craftsmanship of our Extra Virgin

"It was 2006 when I started pressing on my own. They are memories, very dear to me, of a complicated beginning. The mill was on a trailer and the transition between harvesting and pressing was immediate."

Laura De Parri

Continuous cycle oil press

In 2010 the actual oil mill was built, the choice fell on Alfa Laval machinery. The continuous cycle allows a control of the processing temperature, which does not exceed 26 °. The olives arrive in perforated crates that allow the air to circulate and the drupes not to be crushed while maintaining their integrity. The next step, that is, the defoliation and washing, is delicate and important because it allows a clean product, free from impurities, to enter the mill.

The malaxation takes place with a careful control of the temperature in order to keep the sensory profile intact.

The oil is then filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen and then packaged on the spot.

Discover the Extra Virgin Cerrosughero

A recognizable style, a unique taste

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