The olive groves

5,000 plants redraw the profile of the hill

In the locality of Cerrosughero in Canino, 4,200 plants grow from which our first EVO Cerrosughero was born in 1999, just in the year in which Canino began marketing the PDO. Other 800 centenary olive trees, however, have their roots in Bagno di Musignano . Imposing trees that let the breeze of the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea slip through the leaves. Olives that bear traces of time in the hollows and grooves of the trunks, in the knots that reveal the traces of a minimal history made by the unwinding of the seasons, sometimes slowly, other times messed up by unusual atmospheric events. The calcareous soil at times lets the travertine emerge as a result of widespread hydrothermal activity. Not far away is Vulci, the powerful Etruscan city-state with a legendary past that transpires from its remains.

Taking care of our olive groves means taking care of the land, a precious treasure chest of splendid fruits

Our olive groves are located on hilly soils of tuff and limestone origin with a particularly favorable microclimate. They extend for about 20 hectares and have 5,000 plants of different ages belonging to the Caninese, Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino cultivars.

We manage agronomic activities in a perspective of balance with the environment, with careful pruning.
The olives are harvested at the beginning of their veraison, (colour change) at different times according to the cultivar, and transported to the mill the same day.

The harvest

The harvest generally begins in the first ten days of October, at the beginning of veraison or when the green of the olives begins to turn towards black. At that moment the olive gives its best, fully expresses its aromatic complexity, resulting in a more balanced oil that will be able to maintain the polyphenolic heritage essential for conservation.

The use of facilitating and mechanical equipment allows to accelerate the collection times and to be able to break within 12 hours.

Discover the Extra Virgin Cerrosughero

A recognizable style, a unique taste

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