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The agricultural holding Cerrosughero is located in the Town of Canino, in the heart of the Maremma region in Lazio on the border with Tuscany, in an area with a high olive-growing vocation and of considerable archaeological and naturalistic value. Significant traces of its ancient Etruscan past are preserved in the beautiful towns of Tarquinia, Tuscania and Vulci. The castle of the latter Etruscan necropolis is the seat of the National Archaeological Museum.
Vulci is also the seat of an important archaeological naturalistic park as well as a WWF oasis.
Charming views of the area can be enjoyed from the Etruscan-Roman bridge of Abbadia (Ponte dell'Abbadia), the fantastic environments of the 16th century Monster Park (Parco dei Mostri) in Bomarzo and the colourful contemporary architecture of the Tarot Garden (Giardino dei Tarocchi).
Nearby is the coast of the Maremma region in Lazio and of Argentario, the elegant village of Capalbio and the magnificent medieval town of Viterbo, with its renowned and monumental Thermal Baths of the Popes (Terme dei Papi).
The area is very close to the Bolsena lake, the largest volcano lake in Europe, with the Bisentina and Martana islands, its beautiful landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Within easy reach are the ancient villages of Civita di Bagnoregio, Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana and the thermal centre of Saturnia with its natural pools that are unique in the world.
The Upper Lazio region is an area where nature is still uncontaminated and where the pace of life is relaxed, supported by a cuisine that combines the flavours of tradition with excellent ingredients such as cheese, fish from the local Lake - eel and lake whitefish - and celebrated white wines.


Azienda Agricola CERROSUGHERO di Laura De Parri Loc. Cerrosughero S.S. 312 Km 22,600 CANINO - VITERBO - ITALIA Tel/Fax +39 0761 438594