by Laura De Parri

Production Area - Canino
Varietal composition - 70% Caninese - 30% Frantoio
Harvesting period - 20 october - the end of November
Harvesting system - Mechanical
Extraction method - Continuous operation
Packaging - 0.250-0.500-0.750 litre bottles - 1 and 5 litre tins
Colours - Green with golden reflections. Limpid.
Fruity - Medium

'... It has a decided and wide aroma, with rich overtones of artichoke, chicory and thistle. Elegant and embracing flavour, with considerable balsamic tones of medicinal herbs, with mint and rosemary being the most evident, in addition to spicy notes of black pepper that end up with a sweet almond finish. Well expressed and balanced bitter and spicy notes. The perfect pairing is with seafood appetizers, spelt salads, sea bream marinades, vegetables au gratin, potato purées, first dishes with tomato sauce, stewed shrimps, lake fish stew, roasted poultry or lamb, goat cheese...’.
Flos Olei 2012 - - Guide to the best extra virgin oils in the world - - by Marco Oreggia


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